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Executive Summary:

The Webcon Business Connection Server:


Webcon, Inc. is proud to offer a flexible Internet connectivity package geared for businesses wishing to have high-speed WWW and FTP presence. Our solution also provides seamless office e-mail, Internet e-mail and WWW access on every desk at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated high-speed connection.


Most Internet solutions offered by Internet Service Providers (ISP's) consist of web space on their server along with individual mailboxes for each company employee. This type of solution provides high-speed access to the company's WWW and FTP sites for its customers, however it limits the flexibility of the company's e-mail system. Each employee must download their mail from the ISP's mail server, which means that either they must all access their mail from one dedicated machine, or each workstation computer must be outfitted with a modem and phone-line access. Although functional, this is both inconvenient and inefficient, not to mention very costly. As well, this type of solution does not allow for easy integration of the company's Internet mail with its internal messaging system, such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. This type of solution also does not provide for easy mail administration because additional mailboxes must be added by the ISP, which usually means an additional monthly fee.

The next most common type of solution offered by ISP's consists of a dedicated network connection between the ISP and the company. This means that the company's WWW/FTP site and e-mail mailboxes reside on the company's internal server. This allows the company to completely control its e-mail administration with no additional costs, however unless a high-speed connection is purchased (i.e. T-1 or faster), customers will have very slow access to the company's WWW and FTP sites. The infrastructure costs for this type of solution are very high, since both the high-speed line and associated routing hardware must be purchased in order to make it an elegant solution. Another consideration for this type of solution is that a fully-functional web server brings additional security risks and unwanted traffic to the company's internal network. Finally, the largest expense involved in this scenario is the cost of a full-time system administrator to operate and maintain the system.

Webcon's solution gives you the advantages of both of these types of solutions without all of the disadvantages. With this solution, the company's WWW and FTP sites are hosted on Webcon's servers, giving the company's customers high-speed access to their WWW and FTP sites. The company's e-mail server is hosted on a Linux server on the company's internal network, providing flexible and cost-free mail administration by the company's system administrator. As well, this solution alleviates the requirement for a high-speed connection to the Internet. In fact, this solution will work very effectively even with a 28.8 KBPS dedicated or dial-up modem connection.

Webcon is a network solution provider, not an ISP. This solution is only being offered to businesses that require a quality Internet solution, and is not offered to home computer users. The disadvantage of connecting through an ISP is that you are sharing a high-speed backbone with hundreds or thousands of other users, resulting in a serious loss of bandwidth.

Package Features:

(Some features are only available with optional system components.)

Network Connectivity Case Studies:

There are two predominant scenarios for Internet connectivity using your Webcon Business Connection Server:

Permanent connection

Some Connectivity options (many other options available): The primary distinguishing features of this scenario are:


Direct Connection

Dial-Up (ISDN or modem)

Connectivity options: The primary distinguishing features of this scenario are:


Dialup Connection

Technical Specifications:

Server Hardware minimum requirements

Server Hardware recommended requirements

NOTE: All hardware components must be Y2K compliant, and must meet common interoperability requirements.

NOTE: Use of a Webcon Business Connection Server does not require purchasing an Internet connection from Webcon if your company already has an Internet connection through an ISP.

Protocols Available to Internal Users

Protocols Available to Internal Users

Webcon Server Aliases:

(these domain names will be mapped to Webcon's server)

Company Linux Server Aliases:

(these domain names will be mapped to your company's server)

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