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2011/01/26: New Infrastructure at Netelligent
2010/06/15: New Ubuntu PPA available for customers
2006/12/01: Corporate directors change
2003/12/04: Infrastructure upgrades
2002/01/02: Website re-engineering completed
2001/10/04: Webcon undergoes major infrastructure upgrade
2000/06/11: Webcon releases first Open-Source product
2000/01/09: Y2K Report: "No problems here!"
1999/09/16: Webcon exhibits at The Business Technology Show
1999/08/30: Network Infrastructure Slated for Upgrade
1999/04/09: Improved Client Services pages activated
1998/12/30: New backbone connectivity operational
1998/11/15: New office plans on track. Expect big changes for the start of 1999!
1998/10/01: Webcon announces plans for new corporate offices and increased backbone connectivity
1998/08/01: Corporate directors appointed at first annual shareholders meeting
1998/07/14: Webcon becomes incorporated; New company name and image unveiled


New Infrastructure at Netelligent

Over the last few months Webcon has made many more improvements to its infrastructure. Here are the major highlights:

New Ubuntu PPA available for customers

Webcon has started providing Webcon software release packages via a new Webcon launchpad PPA.

Corporate directors change

Mr Morgan has decided to go work for one of our customers. He has resigned, has been removed as a director and sold his shares in Webcon, Inc.
Mr Hardy remains as President and Chief Information Officer.

Infrastructure upgrades

Over the last few months Webcon has made many more improvements to its infrastructure. Here are the major highlights:

Website re-engineering completed

Late in June 2001, the powers that be at Webcon decided that it was time for a major facelift of the Webcon website.

Since that time, the new site was designed, and re-designed, and re-designed until a clean, logical layout was prepared that would allow clients and visitors alike to easily navigate the site, able to find the information they want in with minimal effort.

The new structure follows a consistent look & feel, providing quick and easy access to any part of the site from any other part of the site.

We hope that you find the new site enjoyable and more suitable to your tasks at hand.


Webcon undergoes major infrastructure upgrade

Over the last few months Webcon has made many improvements to its infrastructure. Here are the major highlights:

Webcon releases first Open-Source product

As the great industry momentum to move towards the use and release of Open-Source software gets into high gear, Webcon too is getting into the act. While Webcon has been deeply involved in the Open-Source world since 1995, today marks their first Open-Source software release.

Initially designed for in-house use, DoBackup is Webcon's premier multi-server backup solution.

DoBackup is a flexible cross-platform program (written in Perl) to handle unattended incremental backups of multiple servers. It handles multiple media sets with automatic media preparation and rotation, has configurable 'what-to-backup' rules, global exclusion patterns, user settable 'don't-backup-this-directory' metafiles, and many other advanced features.

DoBackup's design goal is to be as close to zero-maintenance as possible. In the case of tape or cartridge backup media, there is absolutely nothing for the system administrator to do but change the media when instructed via an automatically generated email.

DoBackup has been released to the public via the popular Freshmeat, and on Webcon's own website.


Y2K Report: Zero problems

After the first week of operations in the year 2000, Webcon has not seen a single instance of a Y2K Bug-related problem. As anticipated, all of Webcon's systems serving clients and internal systems have continued proper functioning through the year change and beyond.


Come see Webcon at The Business Technology Show!

This week, Webcon, Inc. will be exhibiting their services at the foremost business technology related show in the Ottawa region this year. Attendance by invitation only, The Business Technology Show is the best place to get a hands-on feel for the kinds of services that Webcon can provide for your business.

The show is being held on Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th in the Aberdeen pavilion at Lansdowne Park.

More information about the show is at:
http://www.businesstechnologyshow.com (link obsolete)


Network Infrastructure Slated for Upgrade This Week

Due to the ever changing nature of Linux, Webcon, Inc. has scheduled its network to be upgraded in both hardware and software. These improvements will enhance the speed, security and functionality of Webcon's services.

Hardware Enhancements:

Software Enhancements:

Reliability and performance will be greatly increased with these changes and improve our already extensive services to our clients.


Enhanced client services pages on-line.

Webcon, Inc. has been working hard to improve the automated services available to our clients via our website. I am please to announce that the new and improved Client Services pages are now fully operational.

System Features:

We feel that this system will allow you to make more thorough use of your accounts, as well as providing the means to perform many management tasks without having to contact Webcon directly. If you are a client, you can log on to this advanced services page by clicking this link: https://secure.webcon.ca/clientservices.

New backbone connectivity operational.

Webcon, Inc.'s much anticipated network upgrade was completed over the holiday season.

As of 10:00pm, Wednesday, December 30th, 1998, Webcon has been connected by triple redundant high-speed links to major Canadian backbone operators. Available network bandwidth is more than 250 times that of Webcon's old connection.

The increased capacity will allow for more clients, better service, and a 99.99% uptime capability.


New office plans on track. Expect big changes for the start of 1999!

The directors of Webcon, Inc. have announced that their plans to move their operations to new corporate headquarters are underway.

"There were some minor last minute changes necessary, but we still expect to be moved and fully operational by January 1st", said Ian Morgan, Webcon's Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer. He would not comment as to exactly what those minor changes were, but he assured the press that there was no cause for alarm. Webcon's previous announcements regarding their plans for new corporate headquarters were welcomed openly by all of the company's shareholders and clientele.

On the subject of increased bandwidth, Morgan said that discussions were underway with a number of Ottawa area firms to provide redundant high-speed network access. Morgan claims that their new connectivity will ensure a 5000% increase in resource availability over their previous network capacity, allowing for more clients, better service, and a 100% uptime guarantee on most services.


Webcon announces plans for new corporate offices and increased backbone connectivity.

Shortly after this afternoon's scheduled shareholder meeting, Webcon announced that it will be seeking new corporate offices and upgrading its network connectivity by the new year.

Webcon's President, Robert Hardy, and Vice President, Ian Morgan, were on hand after the announcement to answer a few questions:

Q: "Why has Webcon chosen this time to move to new headquarters, and what benefits will your clients see?"

A: "Webcon has always been about service. We aim to provide the best customer service possible while maintaining our standard of realistic prices, not artificially inflated to fill some corporate big-wig's pockets. We believe that our new corporate offices will increase the strength of the relationship between ourselves and our clients. Our new offices will provide space for more employees, something we are in dire need of. The market is expanding very quickly, and we have to keep up or ship out. And we have no intention of shipping out. With our scheduled increase in employment, we'll be able to handle more and larger jobs for more clients than ever before. How will our new headquarters benefit our clients? Service. It all comes down to service."

Q: "Webcon has survived the rocky road of new businesses. With it's feet firmly on the ground, do you see big changes coming soon?"

A: "Absolutely. Webcon started almost four years ago in a room not much bigger than a closet. Like any business, you start small and work your way up from there. Some make it, and some don't. I won't stand here and tell you that the going was easy, because it wasn't. The founders of this company had little business savvy, but what they did have was an idea. They also had the skills to make that idea grow. Soon, they rose from a number of clients you could count on one hand, until they were too many to count. A few years of navigating rough waters in the business world won't make you an expert, but it'll sure make you a lot better than you were when you started. Just the fact that we're still here and haven't drowned under the pressures of high-tech business says a lot.

"Webcon has been biding it's time in the market, and now it's ready to make it's mark. With the new network in place by the year's end, we'll be ready to take on the most demanding jobs. We expect to expand our network capacity by over 5000%, allowing a level of customer service and satisfaction unprecedented in our company's history.

"Change is mandatory. In our business, you have to be very quick or you fall behind. Some changes will be big, and others small, but all of them will be made to achieve our goal of staying ahead of the pack."


Webcon, Inc. holds first annual shareholder's meeting.

Webcon, Inc. this afternoon held it's first annual shareholder's meeting at the residence of Mr. Robert Hardy, one of the company's incorporating directors.

The major item on the agenda for this first meeting was to elect the corporation's Directors for the next year.

All shareholders unanimously agreed that the founding members of the company should hold the first Directorships of the corporation. As a result, the directors of Webcon, Inc. for 1998/99 were selected as follows:

As a measure to maintain stricter control of the company's business, the roles of Secretary and Treasurer will be filled by the two Directors.

As a final item of business, the next annual shareholder's meeting was scheduled for 1999/08/01, with the time and place to be announced not less than 30 days prior to the meeting.

Shortly after, the first annual Director's meeting was held. The corporate By-Laws, having been reviewed by the shareholders, were ratified by Mr. Hardy and Mr. Morgan.

The next annual Director's meeting was scheduled for 1999/08/01.

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