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Open-Source and Closed-Source Software Development

Webcon has many years experience programming software and tools. From full-blown enterprise applications to one-off time-saver scripts, we can meet your requirements for Open-Source and closed-source software. See some of our in-house Open-Source works.

Our staff are skilled in:

  • Perl
  • C
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Python
  • sh/bash/csh/tcsh
Programming rates: Please see our Fee Schedule

Database Design & Administration

Using Open-Source RDBMS's such as PostgreSQL and MySQL, Webcon can design and implement a database to suit your current and future needs. Web-based and custom data-access clients are available to allow integration with existing systems or to replace legacy systems.

Website Development

Whether you need a full website developed, or just a small project, you can be sure of getting DTD-compliant documents every time. From simple online documentation to Annual Reports with pizazz; from feedback forms to complete e-commerce systems; from public access to high-grade encryption and access control, we can handle all of your website needs!

Please call to discuss how Webcon can make your website come alive!

Graphic design

  • Original graphic artwork
    • Corporate logos
    • Posters
    • Advertisements
    • Web graphics
  • 3D animation & still rendering
    • Project presentations
    • Product previews
    • Storyboarding

Interactive Distance Learning & Computer-based Training

Our multimedia expertise allows us to integrate animation, graphics, sound, and interactive Web technology into a customized package suited to the client's specific training requirements. By integrating a customized network solution, Webcon can install a full training suite intranet to accommodate high-level training scenarios.

Webcon would like to meet your business needs with Computer Based Training development. A successful CBT course should be easy to use, interactive, pertain to different learning styles, and allow self-paced learning to maintain the student's interest, and increase motivation that will result in improved retention of information and decreased learning time, thus increasing employee or student productivity.

Our experience with multimedia production allows us to help you customize Webcon-produced CBT courses to your specific training requirements to best suit the material to be learned. We can also optimize the user interface to best fit your students' unique learning styles and preferences.

Examples of Webcon CBT's

Webcon has created several Learning Modules in cooperation with Carleton University professors. These Learning Modules are tutorials that accompany first-year Carleton University courses and are offered in English and French.

Note: you will need to download Macromedia Shockwave for Authorware plugin to take full advantage of the Modules' interactivity. For installation details, please refer to Macromedia's Shockwave Setup on their Web site.

Some of Webcon's CBT strengths:

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