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Standard Rates
Job DurationRate
≤ 7.5 hrs.$75/hr. (minimum 1 hour)
> 7.5 hrs. $75/hr for the first 7.5 hours, then
$475/day (min. ¼ day increments)
NOTE: A 50% retainer (based on estimate value) may be required before work begins.

Summary of Services
Service Rate Description of Service
Programming/Consulting Services
Network Consulting Standard rates (see above) Anything and everything to do with modern data networking. We can optimize an existing network using cost-effective high-performance Open-Source solutions, or install a brand-new network from the ground up. Email or call us to discuss your networking needs, and let our 20+ years of networking experience work for you!
Programming/Development Standard rates (see above) Perl, C, SQL, PHP, Python, etc.
Website Design Standard rates (see above) Good clean DTD-compliant professional web design. Please e-mail us your requirements for an estimate.
Network Solution Services
Business Connection Server ~2-4 man days (@ standard rates) + cost of selected hardware A value-added Linux server-based solution designed to meet your company's business requirements.
Remote Maintenance
Service Contract
$200/mo A service contract which ensures your Business Connection Server OS remains reliable, secure and has all the latest security and bug fixes.
Managed Firewall
Service Contract
$175/mo An optional add-on to the above RMS contract which ensures that your Business Connection Server fully and properly implements your professionally-planned network security policy.
Network Wiring $150/drop A single tested CAT-5 (5e/6 optional) twisted-pair Ethernet network drop from a (supplied) NT BIX box (or equivalent, surface-mounted or flush) to an existing patch panel.

Value-Added Hosting Services
Features Remote Business Account Remote Business Account
(when subscribed to Remote Maintenance Service Contract)
Startup Fee $75 $75
Monthly Fee $30 $30
Disk Space * 100 MiB 100 MiB 1
Network Traffic * 1 GB/month 1 GB/month 1
Secure login (via SSHv2) Yes Yes 1 & 2
Secure File transfer (via SCP/SFTP) Yes Yes 1 & 2
Anonymous FTP Download Area Yes Yes 1 & 2
Secure Web-based E-mail Yes Yes 1 & 2
Domain Hosting Yes Yes 1
DNS Management Yes Yes 1
Blanket Mail Forwarding Yes Yes 2
Mail Aliases 10 unlimited 2
POP/IMAP Accounts (Requires SSL-capable mail client) 5 unlimited 2
Secure Web Server Access ** Yes Yes 1
Virtual FTP Server Yes Yes 1
Website URL *** www.anydomain.xxx 1
Webcon-hosted Account Extras
Other services options may be available. Contact us to discuss pricing if you need something that isn't listed.
Restoring backed-up file(s) **** Standard rates (see above)
Additional IP Address on Webcon's servers $1/address/month
Additional account on Webcon's servers $2/account/month
Charge for exceeding Disk Space Limit 10¢/MiB/month
Charge for exceeding Network Traffic Limit $5/GB/month
Additional Domain (DNS hosting snd management) $1/domain/month
* Extra charges apply for exceeding limits Account Extras above.
** Secure server access requires separate purchase of a Digital Certificate from a Certification Authority, such as Verisign or Thawte.
*** Accounts with a registered domain name may be charged a recurring fee by their domain registrar. See http://www.icann.org for more details.
**** Although every attempt is made to ensure complete and reliable server backups, Webcon does not provide any guarantee that all file(s) will be recoverable in all circumstances.
1 Serviced by Webcon's servers.
2 Serviced by the client's on-site Business Connection Server.

Payment Method Options
Invoice Terms
Net 7
(or payment made within 7 days on Net 30 terms)
Net 30
Invoice Value ≤ $500Bill Payment, Cheque, or Credit CardBill Payment, Cheque, or Credit Card
> $500Bill Payment, ChequeBill Payment
Please Note: Financing charges will apply if a payment is not received within the stated invoice Terms.
When applicable, we accept credit card payments with: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, and American Express.
Webcon invoices can be paid via the 'Bill Payment' option of most online-banking systems. To do so, create a Payee with the following information:
Payee: "HYPERWALLET.COM" Account Number: "CS578250029"
You must then send an email to our Billing address (see contacts) with your Invoice Number and your bank's Bill Payment Confirmation Number so that we can apply the payment to your account.

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