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NOTE: The services referenced from this page are for the sole use of clients of Webcon, Inc. Your use of these services may be governed by our Provision of Services Agreement. NEWS:


Webcon has recently implemented a new spam filtering system (ASSP) on our mail servers. As a result, our customers should see a large reduction in the number of of spam email reaching their mailboxes.

However, ASSP requires a short period of training to the patterns of incoming mail on our servers, so for a while you may see messages with '[ASSP-SPAM]' prepended to the subject.

Report false-positives or false-negatives: If you agree that the tagged email is spam, you need not do anything (you may delete the message). If you do not agree that the email is spam, you should bounce the message to assp-notspam@<yourdomain>. If you recieve spam that has not been tagged as such, you may report it by bouncing the message to assp-spam@<yourdomain>.

After a suitable training period has elapsed, training mode will be disabled and you will no longer receive mail that is tagged as spam.

If you have any questions regarding this new spam filtering system, or feel that your legitimate email is being erroneously blocked, please contact us at tech (at) webcon (dot) ca.

This page last modified on 2014-06-08 12:20:14.