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Network computing is drastically changing the way businesses do business. Companies are embracing new technologies to achieve trailblazing levels of communication and collaboration between employees, customers, suppliers and vendors. They're implementing many online strategies, allowing their businesses to flourish. In these times of heightened competition and withering profit margins, it is essential that your organization leverage the power of networking to stay ahead of the pack.

Implementing and managing your network requires significant time and resources, leaving little time to focus on your core business goals. To offload such burdens, we offer a powerful combination of remotely operated network services and on-site network support. We provide the underlying network infrastructure as well as the management of capacity, performance, scheduling and delivery. This gives you the time to run your business instead of worrying about your infrastructure.


Hackers. Nameless, and faceless. They could be roaming your network right now, and you might never know it. Does this thought make you shiver? Then it's time to do something about it! A security audit will show you just how secure (or insecure) your network truly is. Once diagnosed, our security solutions can help end the war against evil infestations.

From simple access authentication to secure encrypted communication, Webcon can provide the appropriate means of securing your data from prying eyes. This can be accomplished by using such things as firewalls, encryption software like PGP and SSL, and secure protocols like SSH and IPSEC.

Some of the security products we use and recommend are:
Apache mod_ssl
Secure Web Server
SSH Server/Client
PuTTY: A Free Telnet/SSH Client
Apache mod_SSL Secure Web Server OpenSSH Open Source SSH Server PuTTY
OpenSSL Encryption Toolkit & LibrariesGNU Privacy Guard
A free OpenPGP implementation
Virtual Private Networking
OpenSSL GnuPG Openswan

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