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A Perl script for removal of redundant files from a filesystem that exist in another filesystem. This program takes two arguments, a working path and a master path, and then compares their contents and offers to delete identical components from the working path. A path can be a file or directory.

Design goal:

This script is used to facilitate the deletion of redundant files and directories from a filesystem. This is frequently required when restoring backups using dobackup or during manual OS upgrades.


diffdel.pl.gz version 1.41 ( or latest )
diffdel.pl.gz version 1.40
diffdel.pl.gz version 1.39
diffdel.pl.gz version 1.30
diffdel.pl.gz version 1.23
diffdel.pl.gz version 1.15 ( deprecated )


You may mail the maintainers to ask questions, submit bug reports, patches, etc at rhardy (at) webcon.net. There's no mailing list yet. If there's enough demand, we'll make one. The address above has been mangled to prevent spambots. If you are a human you should be able to figure it out. If you are a spammer go away!

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