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General Information

Webcon shall endeavour to ensure the security of the data stored and transmitted to and from its services. All information collected from Webcon's clients or other persons will be kept strictly confidential.

Webcon's administrators or their authorized agents, may, as they see fit, at any time, monitor, examine, or read any connections, transmission or data sent from or received by any of Webcon's equipment. Information so gathered will be used primarily for statistical and diagnostic purposes. No confidential information will be released to any third party unless Webcon is required to do so by law. From time to time, some non-confidential information may need to be released to a third party in order to continue to provide quality services.

Unauthorized access to any of Webcon's facilities is strictly prohibited. Any violation of our computer resources may result in prosecution, when possible.

Certain services provided via Webcon's website may be provided by software that is developed by a third party. Any information collected by these systems is not, in any way, shared with the originator of that software, and is kept confidential as previously described.

Gathering and Use of Information

Currently, Webcon does not permanently store any confidential information about visitors to non-authenticated areas of its website.

Webcon does have numerous data submission systems, designed for the use of Webcon's clients. All confidential information collected by these systems will be kept confidential as previously described. Any and all access to these systems via our website is strictly access controlled and encrypted to ensure that only those authorized to view or modify the information therein are able to so.

Information Tracking

Non-confidential information may be gathered autonomously with regards to the visitors to our website. The data gathered may include the total number of visitors to any given portion of the website, the general geographic region that the visitors are in, and what areas of the website were viewed by persons in those geographic areas. No personal information about the individuals is collected during this process. This gathered data is used for statistical purposes and to help Webcon to improved its services to the mass market.

Accuracy & Security

Any information gathered via data submission forms on our website is encrypted by the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption system.

The data, stored on Webcon's computer systems, is only accessible by authorized Webcon personnel, via individual password authentication. All connections to Webcon's computer systems are logged, and these logs are reviewed regularly for abnormalities.

Regular security audits are performed on all of Webcon's computer systems, and all are regularly updated to counteract any known security faults.

Webcon does not make use of, nor does it in any way endorse, materials that may be considered obscene, defamatory or hateful in nature. Internal policies prevent any Webcon employee from generating such material. Webcon reserves the right to examine any and all materials supplied by its clients for posting to the Internet, to ensure that they comply with this policy.

All Webcon employees, contractors, and agents are required to abide by this policy. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action or termination.

Note: Webcon reserves the right to make modifications to this policy at any time.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to:

Webcon, Inc.
Attn: Policy Coordinator
70 Forest Hill Ave.
Ottawa, Ont.
K2C 1P6

Telephone: +1 (613) 276-6206
Toll Free: +1 (877) WEBCON-9
E-mail: info at webcon dot ca

Document Title:Webcon Privacy Policy
Last updated:2000/02/03
Last updated by:Ian Morgan
Implementation Date:1999/06/30
Next Review:2004/08/03
Policy Compliance Level: 2.0

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